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Frequently asked questions

Updated on 05/01/2023

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Rules within the park

  • I lost an object in the park, what can I do?

    I will go to the park's front desk to fill out a loss report and describe the item and its last known location as accurately as possible.

    If you think you have lost a personal item in the park after your visit, please write to with your phone number, date of visit, a brief description of the lost item and the last known location.

    Lost and found items in the park remain available at the front desk for 7 days. Our services will contact you if the item is found.
    Objects not claimed after 7 days are given to a charity if their condition allows it.

  • What payment methods are accepted inside the park?

    Here are the different means of payment accepted inside the park:

    • Cash
    • Credit card
    • ANCV vacation vouchers are accepted upon presentation of an ID in the name of the check in the restaurants but are not accepted in the stores.
    • Kadeos - Cadhoc - Shopping Pass and Tir Groupé by Sodexo gift vouchers are accepted in the stores but are not accepted in the restaurants.

    Restaurant vouchers, ANCV Connect vacation vouchers and bank checks are not accepted in the park.

  • Are pets allowed in the park?

    Animals are not allowed on the park. There is no kennel on site.

  • Are there any dress code requirements in the park?

    Yes, for reasons of hygiene and safety, shoes and a T-shirt must be worn on all the park's attractions for both adults and children.

    However, a tolerance is allowed on the two aquatic play areas of the Exotic Island zone where children up to 12 years old can wear bathing suits (changing room available on the zone).

  • Can you get around the park on scooters, bikes or rollerskates?

    No, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, bicycles or any other means of locomotion are not allowed in the park.

  • Is it possible to bring musical instruments or portable speakers into the park?

    It is forbidden to bring musical instruments or portable speakers into the park.
    It is also not allowed to use your smartphone to play music, out of respect for other visitors.

  • At what age can teenagers be left alone in the park?

    A child under 12 years of age will not be allowed to enter the park alone. Proof of age of the responsible adult or the child may be required at any time.

    During their visit, in family or in group, children will remain under the care and continuous supervision of their parents and/or accompanying adults.

    Minors aged 12 and over may enter the park unaccompanied by an adult if they carry a parental authorization signed by their parents or legal guardians authorizing them to enter the park without the presence of an adult.

  • Is smoking allowed in the park?

    No, the entire park is non-smoking (attraction queues, park aisles, restaurant terraces). However, smoking areas are available, their locations are indicated on the site map panels.

  • Can you take bags onto all of the rides?

    No, on many attractions, bags are not allowed as they could become dangerous projectiles if dropped. However, it is strongly advised not to leave valuables unattended on the platforms of the attractions. Lockers are available at the entrance of the park (paying service).

  • Once you've been admitted to the park, can you leave then come back?

    Yes, you can leave the park, a stamp will be put on your wrist to be able to return in the same day.

  • What happens if my child escapes my supervision during my visit?

    Lost children are immediately taken to the reception desk at the entrance of the park. We advise you to leave your child your contact information to avoid any unnecessary fright.
    Identification bracelets will be given to you on request upon arrival at the park reception.