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Frequently asked questions

Updated on 05/01/2023

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  • Are there lockers in the park?

    You can leave your personal belongings at the entrance of the park, at the rate of 5,00€ (small size) or 8,00€ (large size). Payment by credit card only.

  • Can I rent a wheelchair?

    The park does not currently offer wheelchairs for rent.

  • Does the park have a first aid station ?

    Yes, a first aid station is available for our visitors to provide first aid. However, there is no doctor on site.

  • Point photo service

    Some of our attractions are equipped with photo points (Mystic, Timber, Woodstock Express, Generator, Coccinelle) allowing you to buy a souvenir of your experience in them if you wish.
    Available in paper or digital format.
    Our photo points are not always open during the season.

  • Can we celebrate our child's birthday at Walibi Rhône-Alpes and how ?

    Birthdays are offered up to the child's 12th birthday. Reservations must be made at the latest at D-15 only by email at or by phone at +33 (0)4 74 33 71 80 (from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm then from 1:30 pm to 5 pm). Payment to be sent before the visit.

    Birthday Pack 89€ TTC :

        1 Cake with candles and drinks in ecocups (reusable glasses with the park's effigy) for 6 people, served at Quai 38 (time to be confirmed upon arrival at the park at the reception).
        Additional person: 10€/pers
        1 package of candy per child (6)
        2 pass-cutters (4xPass) allowing 8 quick accesses to the attractions (to be modulated as you wish)
        1 Walibi plush 20 cm.

    This pack does not include the Walibi park entrance tickets.

  • Is the car park equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles?

    Our car park does not have this type of equipment.

  • Is the car park equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles?

    Unfortunately, our car park does not have this type of equipment.

  • Where can I breastfeed in the park?

    You are free to breastfeed anywhere in the park. If you wish to breastfeed in a quiet area you can go to the aid station.

  • Do you have a microwave to heat up food for babies?

    Some of our restaurants (Golden Burger, Jazz Sugar Club, Quai 38, Wild Rock Café) are equipped with self-service microwaves allowing you to reheat your dishes for your babies.

  • Can I change my baby on the playpen?

    Yes, four baby changing facilities are available at the park :

    • At the restroom located at Timber
    • At the restroom located in front of the Golden Burger restaurant
    • Voodoo District Restroom
    • Restrooms at the entrance plaza
  • Can I rent a stroller?

    We have a limited number of strollers that we can put at your disposal at the park entrance store.
    The daily rental fee is 7€ + 20€ deposit (returned at the end of the day).
    It is not possible to reserve a stroller before your visit.

  • Can I withdraw cash from the park?

    Yes, an ATM is available at the park entrance.

  • Smart shopping

    Make your purchases before 4pm and pick them up at the park exit before you leave.
    Ask the staff of the stores for more information.