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photo du star dock café

Star'Dock Café

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Make time during your super busy day at Walibi to really savour a cup of good coffee. Star'Dock Café, which opened in 2018 in the Festival City zone, will make it happen! This new venue, which is a partnernship with Nespresso, opens at 9.30am each day. The large outdoor area, which seats 120, provides fantastic views over the new attractions and play area.

Formules petit-déjeuner

Viennoiserie ou Madeleine + Café 3€
Viennoiserie ou Madeleine + Boisson lactée ou jus d'orange 4.4€

Offres à la carte

Hot-Dog gratiné 5.6€
Croque Monsieur Cantal 4.6€
Gaufre sucre 2.5€

Spécialités cafés

Gourmandise de Speculos (chaud ou froid) 4.4€
Choco Cookie Macchiato 4.4€
Gourmandise de Caramel 4.4€