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Frequently asked questions

Updated on 05/01/2023

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Ticket and subscription purchased on

  • Are the tickets nominative?

    By default, the ticket bears the name of the purchaser, which may be different from the user of the ticket. However, you may be asked for an ID card in case of a dispute at the park's access control (ticket resale prohibited).

  • Do I need to print my tickets?

    Printing your tickets is not mandatory. You can present them on your smartphone in dematerialized version.

  • Can I buy tickets on the website by paying with vacation vouchers?

    No, ANCV vacation vouchers (classic and Connect) cannot be used on our online sales site.

    However, you can only use your classic ANCV vacation vouchers them to buy your ticket at the park entrance.

  • What is the validity of my web ticket?

    The conditions of use of your ticket are indicated on it and vary according to the type of ticket purchased.

  • What is the validity period of my annual pass purchased on the web?

    Walibi 2023 passes were valid until 07/01/2024.

    Walibi 2024 passes are valid until 05/01/2025.

  • Is a ticket purchased on refundable?

    Refund conditions are different depending on the type of ticket purchased, you can refer to our general conditions of sale to know the conditions of your ticket.