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La salle du Golden Burger

Golden Burger

  • Fast food

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    This is the theme park's largest fast food restaurant and is treasure-hunt-themed to appeal to little explorers! Your whole family will be able to appreciate a good bite at any time of the day including burgers, wings or cheese bites.


    Little minor menu (- 12 years old) 8.9€
    Adventurer Menu 12.6€
    L'orpailleur Menu 15.5€


    Salad 6.5€
    Onions rings x6 3.8€
    Cheeseburger 3.9€
    Fish Burger 5.8€
    Big Burger 6.9€
    Chicken burger 5.8€
    Veggie burger 6.1€
    Chili cheese x6 4.9€
    Nuggets x4 3.8€
    Fries 3.6€
    Fresh salad 3.9€