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photo du star dock café

Star'Docks Café

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    Make time during your super busy day at Walibi to really savour a cup of good coffee. Star'Dock Café, which opened in 2018 in the Festival City zone, will make it happen! This new venue, which is a partnernship with Nespresso, opens at 9.30am each day. The large outdoor area, which seats 120, provides fantastic views over the new attractions and play area.

    On the menu: breakfast formulas with pastries and hot drinks. But also something to refresh you: Granities, drinks, ice creams...

    For lunch, take advantage of our à la carte dishes: granita hot dog or corn dog!

    And for the snack: waffles, chocolate donut, or doughnut, what will you let yourself be tempted by?

    Hot drinks

    Expresso 2.2€
    Lungo Legero 2.2€
    Ristreto 2.2€
    Decaffeinated coffee 2.2€
    Latte Macchiato 3.7€
    Cappuccino 3.7€
    Hot chocolate 3.7€
    Gluttony of speculos (hot or cold) 4.7€
    Choco Cookie Macchiato 4.7€
    Gluttony of Caramel 4.7€


    Hot-Dog baked 6.6€
    Corn Dog 6.6€
    Corncob x2 4.9€
    Chips 1.4€
    Chocolate donut 3.1€
    Cheesecake Donut 3.2€
    Piece of cake 3.2€
    Pastry 1.4€

    Breakfast menu

    Pastries or chocolate donut + Coffee 3.3€
    Pastries or chocolate donut + Milk drink or orange juice 4.7€