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photo du spectacle plongeurs de l'extrême

Les Plongeurs de l'Extrême

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    You have to earn the right to be called an Extreme Diver!

    After completing a demanding training in one of the best schools in the world, the diver jumps off of one of the highest diving boards in Europe, measuring 27 metres!

    Visit the Walibi Academy and find out more about the different stages involved in the training! This is a treat for the eyes - and is bound to raise a smile. You're guaranteed fun-filled acrobatics!

    Who knows? Perhaps you'll be inspired to reach for the stars and become a high diver too?

    Mathias' opinion

    "Wow what a disrupting show!

    With my friends, we felt every action and the sequence of acrobatics is just beautiful.

    And Waa; the flaming diver is amazing.

    No doubt, this is a show not to be missed!"