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As of July 21, the health pass is required to gain access to the park. Click here to find out about our conditions for entry.

Summer nocturnal

Summer nocturnal

On 21 and 28 august 2021

Summer nocturnal ...

On 21 and 28 august 2021

• The park is open until 10 PM !

Party lovers will love to extend their day until 10 PM ! (attractions queues close at 9.30PM).

• Fireworks shox to end the day on a high note

End your evening by watching Festival City light up with fireworks.

*Subject to favourable weather and the sanitary conditions

feux d'artifices

... and his live Jazz Band

On the programm of the evening a total immersion in New Orléans.

The Bemol compagny is planning a festive, musical and colourful atmposhere !

No more excuses to get out your biggest swing!