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The roller coaster who sending wood!

A sensational adventure, the park's first all-wood attraction. Take your place in a state-of-the-art machine and go chopping wood even faster!

120 cm Allowed
110 cm Rider should have an adult accompany them
110 cm Forbidden under 110 cm
Length 446 m
Height 17 m
Capacity 12 riders
Year Of Construction 2016

11 airtimes

Get ready to lift off the seat with that feeling of weightlessness every 3 seconds!

An exhilarating first run

It's your turn to shout TIMBEEEER!

Saw-lence it turns

With bends of up to 59°, it's a sensational and intense moment to share with the whole family.


Welcome to Explorer Adventure

Step back in time to the era of the conquest of the West!
Between lumberjacks' chainsaws, the clatter of pickaxes and detonations in the heart of the mine, North America beckons!
Follow in the footsteps of the first gold seekers and trappers. 

Explorer Adventure
Walibi Rhône-Alpes

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